Heavenly Bracelet Shop is proud to present this Beginner's Crystal Healing Course.

Date: LIVE on Zoom on June 10,2021 at 7pm (eastern time) and comes with a printable/downloadable reference guide.


If you have crystals but aren't sure how to work with their energy this course will teach you all the basics of crystal healing to get you using your crystals today! You can take them off your shelf as a decoration and really put them to use!


If you have questions about certain crystals and how to work with their energy to gain maximum benefit for your own healing, protection, manifestation and more this course is for you!


In this LIVE course I'll answer all your questions about basic Crystal Healing and what working with crystal energy looks like in real life. We'll open for discussion and all your questions will be answered in real time!


After this course you'll have the knowledge you need to begin working with your crystals in an intuitive way and gain deeper awareness of yourself and crystal energy.



Connect LIVE. Ask your questions LIVE. Engage with your crystals and others like you LIVE. 




Description of Topics:


-5 Essentials in Crystal Magic

-How to Intuitively Choose Your Crystals

-Cleansing & Charging Your Crystals

-Crystals & Chakras

-Manifestation & Healing With Crystals

-Crystals for Specific Reasons

-Extra Resources for Crystal Education

-And more



Open to ages 12+



How it works: Once you purchase your Crystal Magic 101 Course you'll receive the downloadable content to bring with you to the LIVE Zoom Meeting on June 10,2021 at 7:00pm. The course will take approximately 2 hours. Make sure to bring any crystals you have questions about with you and a journal or notebook to write down any extra information.


***Make sure to include your email since that's the only way I can send you the Zoom Link to attend the LIVE Zoom Meeting!!***


Most importantly, let's have fun and learn all about crystals and their innate magic and how it can benefit your life and the lives of those around you!


For any questions before we meet please email: contact@heavenlybracelets.com

Crystal Magic LIVE Course